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about us

My name is Ronnie, I have thirty years’ experience in the combat arts and have been an instructor for twenty years. 

In training, I was known as the mauler or I ron for iron; this was due to my heavy handedness. I did not like the nicknames because it was never my intent to hurt anyone while training.
Back in the eighties and nineties, I used to think wouldn’t it be good if we had robots to train with.  

Then came the grappling dummies, which are great but without going into too much detail, they lacked some basic abilities for all round fighting & training and like the punch bag, seemed more focused on a certain type of fighter. I still found myself longing for my robot.

Then one day whilst training, as I was going from the punch bag to the grappling dummy to the wooden dummy which we in the fighting arts use for blocking conditioning of the arms and legs, it came to me.

If I put all three together into one product, I could have my robot, the next best thing to an actual training partner; and it would never complain or get hurt and that is how R-U-MAD™ was born.   

Here at R-U-MAD™ we are dedicated and determined to design, develop and produce the ultimate all in one hybrid punch bag & grappling dummy.

We have identified a void in the market created by the rise of mixed martial arts.  

We do not say this to criticize but to merely point out the great opportunity  this market offers to innovation and design. I designed the

R-U-MAD™ to fill  this void.

I believe it is long overdue that the merge between grappling and punch bag dummy be made properly, as the market is crying out for equipment in this area  to be more suited to the martial artist of the 21st century. I hope I have  begun the revolution towards that with the Revolutionary Ultimate Mixed  Martial Arts Dummy™